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Boarding Options 

Briarcliff Farm has been in business over 57 years.  Wonderful facility with something for everyone and every horse. Fantastic location, close to the town of Soquel.  You can tailor your horses care almost any way you want it!

Stalls, Paddocks and Pasture:
  • Extra large stalls with large attached paddocks.
  • Large turnout paddocks.
  • Grass turnouts.
  • Three arenas.
  • Two round pens.
  • One arena with Lights.
  • Cross country jumps.
  • River Sand footing.
  • Trails. Over 800 acres.
  • Wash Racks
  • Horses fed 5 x a day
  • Stalls/paddocks cleaned daily.
  • Alfalfa/Oat cubes, Grass Hay, Alfalfa Hay.  All sorts of options on feed.
Other options:
  • Blanketing options.
  • Turnouts.
  • Graining.
  • Lunging.
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